5 Ways to Make a Friend Smile

We've all been there at one point or another in 2020 - and now your friend, family member, or other half is in need of a little pick me up too. Fortunately, we've pulled together a few ideas for how you can help boost their mood. 

1. Turn up the tunes

Friend listening to Spotify playlist

Pull together a playlist of favourite songs in Spotify to share with friends, create a collaborative playlist together or share Spotify's pre-made Mood Buster playlist on your WhatsApp group. Alternatively, why not send a personalised mixtape playlist card to your friend.

Music is an excellent mood booster, providing distraction to help beat the blues. A recent study found that people who listened to upbeat music saw improvement in their moods and boosted their happiness.

2. Make them laugh

Facetiming a friend

Laughter activates important feel-good hormones in the brain while also reducing stress-related hormones. Research also indicates that humour benefits both a person's physical and psychological state.

Use Facetime or WhatsApp to make a video call and reminisce about the funny life moments you've shared or use Zoom to share your screen and watch your favourite show or movie that makes you laugh together. You could also tell each other jokes, make funny faces and noises or do your best impression - the only catch is you have to keep your face as straight as possible, with the first person to crack a smile (despite the title of this blog post), losing.

    3. Leave friends or colleagues handwritten notes

    Notes are a great way to let that friend or work colleague, who gets a little uncomfortable when it comes to emotional stuff, know you care. Add some words of affirmation to let friends feel thought of. Write something cute, fold it up, and slip it somewhere not-so-obvious for them to find later. Writing your child sweet, funny, even quirky lunch box notes can be rewarding too.

    Check out our pack of little love notes to get you started.

    4. Tag friends in a million inspirational Instagram posts

    Find inspirational quotes and posts on Instagram, then tag friends in anything and everything that might lift their mood. If it gives them a smile, it'll be worth it.

    Here are some of our favourite Instagram accounts to follow:

    5. Send a surprise

      Lily-Mo Bee Happy Necklace

      Nothing brightens someone’s day like an unexpected gift that says “I’m thinking of you”. At times like this, the connection of receiving a physical gift or greetings card that is specific or personalised to the recipient is really important as it creates a powerful connection between people. 

      Here are a few lovely mood boosting gift ideas from our friends to get you started.


      February 11, 2021 — Marie Eves

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